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"I have always appreciated Amy's blog. She provides excellent content. I like her techniques and the look of her blog. Her passion for life always comes through and I have learned a lot from her. She has also given me a lift at times when I needed it the most with her inspirational videos. I appreciate Amy very much.

− Craig Leidheiser

"I love Amy's stories about her children. I love her attitude on life and marketing secrets!"

− Anne Pinney

"Amy Starr Allen - I think your training worked on my subconscious. I might have found a new niche! You ROCKED, Amy!"

− Leslie Lane Peabody

"Amy goes above and beyond. She is a teacher and a mentor. There are many that talk, and there are few that walk that talk. Amy is one of the few! I feel blessed knowing her, and being able to learn from her."

− Ellie Walsh

"Amy has a heart felt mission that touches lives and motivates them to join up with her to create the same mission in life. Helping people first, then creating a successful financial future second.

She is an entrepreneur that really cares about others. "

− Bob Casper

"Amy Starr Allen’s The Next Level Blogging Blueprint provided me with two key guiding principles and within a day of going through the first module things turned around!"

− Trish Roess

"Amy has taught me to best identify and service my niche, create my biography, and begin branding myself.

Two things I can tell you for sure from personal experience: Amy over-delivers in whatever she does, and Amy is “true-blue” sincere. She walks her talk."

− Carol Makowski

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3 Easy Tips to Help You Provide Value For Your Audience

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Many times as entrepreneurs and bloggers, we get tripped up about the best way to provide value for our audience. Honestly, most of the time people tend to over complicate…

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[My First Movie] Watch The World Premiere of Dream Big

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Today is a huge day for me… One of the things I’ve been working really hard on for the last couple of months is finally going out into the world…


Follow Your Heart- My Interview on The Tao of Self Confidence Podcast

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My friend Sheena Yap Chan just interviewed me on her awesome podcast, The Tao of Self Confidence. It was a fun interview. She asked me questions about my definition of…

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How to Generate Leads From Your Blog Using Pretty Link Pro

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If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, chances are you’ve figured out some different ways to generate leads for your business from your blog. Regardless if you’ve mastered…